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 Which types of leads can I track with LeadPro?

LeadPro can be used to track both prospective and existing customers. Your salespeople can key in information onto an easy form. In addition, information from your website’s contact form or credit application can be automatically imported into the LeadPro database.

 Will LeadPro work with my enterprise software?

Yes. If your enterprise software can import data, LeadPro can work with it.

 Can I use LeadPro when I’m offsite?

Yes, LeadPro works securely in “The Cloud” — you can add or track leads from the PCs in your office or any smart device in the field.

 Can I add new fields that are more closely associated with my type of business?

Of course. LeadPro is fully customizable and can be used in any business.

 How “private” is the information on LeadPro?

LeadPro is password-protected. The system administrator has full control of all LeadPro data. LeadPro is also fully customizable so that designated employees are able to view more information than others.

 Can I change the assignment of a lead to another salesperson?

Yes, a qualified administrator or manager has 24/7 access to reassign any lead within the system.

 What kind of reporting does LeadPro offer?

The LeadPro administrator can search through and filter any information, which is then exported to a file to be printed. Custom printouts can also be developed.

 Can LeadPro be integrated with email responses to customers?

Yes, you can use your LeadPro database to send emails thanking leads for their interest, or welcoming new customers to your company.