Hunt Down More Sales. Build Your Bottom Line.

Introducing LeadPro, PriMedia’s new and exclusive lead tracking system. Fully customizable to meet all your business goals, LeadPro can help you increase profits by optimizing your company’s lead tracking capabilities and maximizing the sales potential of every lead. With LeadPro, you can review, analyze and generate custom reports, set timely alerts, and gauge your sales staff’s performance. And because LeadPro works securely in “The Cloud,” you can add or track leads from the PCs in your office or any smart device in the field. LeadPro can help you sniff out more sales and get more business.

Why not unleash your sales potential and boost your bottom line now? Find out how LeadPro can turn more leads into satisfied customers. Call 1-800-796-3342 today to schedule your free, no-obligation live LeadPro demonstration, or use the contact us form above and start tracking your leads like a pro.

How LeadPro Works

With LeadPro, you can review, analyze and update customer information as needed. Information about current and prospective customers can be entered in a variety of ways.

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LeadPro Benefits

LeadPro does all the work for you
If you’re like most people, you’re handling your lead tracking with some sort of spreadsheet ... or maybe even in a notebook … or with sticky notes! You may never even know who your leads are if your team does not report this information to you.

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